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“For more than 20 years I have worked closely with Hill Research Consultants on many major political campaigns and public affairs projects all across the country.  I consider them the best in the business.  Their research work is top-notch.  David Hill and his team are brilliant at finding important insights below the surface of the data.  This has made a vital strategic difference in many campaigns.  HRC is also easily the best firm at conducting focus group research I have ever worked with.  In summary, their work is highly professional, very strategic, always innovative and embodies the very latest and best practices of strategic research across the board.  They have my highest recommendation, not only as researchers but as strategic partners in any project.”

Mike Murphy, Partner
Revolution Agency
Washington DC and Los Angeles, California

“Over the last six years, Hill Research Consultants has repeatedly proven themselves to be invaluable to our facility and performance improvement efforts. Their strategic thinking, research design, and level of service are truly exceptional. Given their support, we have been able to make high quality decisions and to attain high quality outcomes. Without question, we will continue to seek the assistance of Dr. Hill and his team for our most important and complex issues.”

Craig Kautz, Superintendent
Hastings Public Schools
Hastings, Nebraska

“David Hill and his team are part of our team. It’s not often that your pollster becomes part of your political family, but in David’s case, that has happened. We trust him to tell us want we need to know, not just want we want to know.”

Doug Gross, Advisor to Governor Terry Branstad, America’s longest-serving governor
Des Moines, Iowa

“We have worked with Hill Research a couple of times, and would happily do so again. Their methodology, reporting, and timeliness helped us make better decisions. I respect their professional ‘suspiciousness;’ they wanted to tell us what we needed to know, not just what we wanted to hear.“

Jamie LaRue, Director
Douglas County Libraries
Castle Rock, Colorado

“Making the right strategic business decision often means the difference between success or failure, oftentimes with millions of dollars riding on it. We have turned to David Hill and his team time and again for strategic advice and they have helped us to make the right choices every time. Their attention to detail and their insightful analysis sets them apart from the pack.”

Matt Middlebrook, Senior VP Development
Caruso Affiliated
Los Angeles and San Francisco, California

“We recently selected Hill Research for a major, multi-jurisdictional and complex transportation ballot measure.  We had never worked with David Hill and his team before but it is one of the best campaign decisions we have made.  With Dr. Hill and his team, you get so much more than excellent and reliable research – you also get very personalized attention, experienced strategic advice and unparalleled responsiveness.  And their presentations to various audiences garner immediate respect and credibility.”

Renay Blumenthal, SVP Public Policy
Metro Atlanta Chamber
Atlanta, Georgia

“Dr. David Hill and the team at Hill Research want to ‘win’ more than they want to please you. They tell you what you need to know to ‘win’ irrespective of whether it is what you want to hear. As a person who is responsible for delivering ‘victory’ for business people in the public arena, that is an approach I value, respect, and have rewarded with hundreds of thousands of dollars of business over a period of many years.”

Keith A. Hall, Senior Vice President of External Affairs,
Insight Communications – America’s 9th largest cable television company
Louisville, Kentucky

“Hill Research has exceeded our expectations. Their technical expertise ensures that our annual surveys are laser focused on meaningful results. We rely heavily on their data to inform our engagement strategies.”

John Poynton, Executive Director, Organizational Development & Communications
St. Vrain Valley School District
Longmont, Colorado

“We were successful in passing a constitutional amendment regarding the governance of higher education in the State of Florida. The market research and advice provided by David Hill and his associates became the foundation for our endeavor and enabled us to successfully complete our goal.”

Bud Shorstein
Jacksonville, Florida

“Nobody has a better feel for, or depth of experience with, Colorado initiatives and referenda than Hill Research. Their 10-1 record on statewide ballot measures here speaks for itself.”

Rick Reiter
Reiter & Associates
Denver, Colorado

“In addition to being one of the preeminent political consultants in the country, David Hill brings a unique blend of practical politics and academic training into the classroom. As an adjunct professor in the Political Campaigning Program at the University of Florida, Dr. Hill provides our graduate students with the skill set to engage in their own strategic research on the campaign trail.”

Professor Daniel A. Smith,
University of Florida Political Campaigning Program
Gainesville, Florida

“Dr. David Hill’s ability to run a focus group is masterful. He’s simply the best in the business. Hill Research also excels at crafting smart surveys that help communications strategists make the right calls. I’ve worked with Hill Research on political campaigns and several issue advocacy projects over the past decade. I always come away impressed and very glad to have them as a research partner.”

Trent Wisecup, Partner
Navigators Global
Washington, DC

“I’ve worked with David Hill in numerous political and public policy fights. Every time I’ve come away from one of David’s briefings, I’ve known where our client was strong, where he was weak, and what to do to get stronger. He just doesn’t just read the numbers to you. David gives you solid, actionable recommendations, and everybody comes away knowing exactly what to do to win.”

Fred Wszolek, Partner
WWP Strategies
Alexandria, Virginia

“Hill Research Consultants have been a key partner with the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce for over a decade as we seek to gain insight on Coloradans’ opinions, on issues of importance to the business community, and the future of our state. Dr. Hill and his team have taught us the importance of trusting our instruments – and their credibly collected data provides us with that confidence.”

Tamra J. Ward, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications
Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
Denver, Colorado

“Hill Research has been instrumental to our national effort to protect greyhounds. Dr. Hill understands our issue, and in addition to providing us with credible data, he also gives highly reliable strategic recommendations.”

Christine Dorchak, President and General Counsel
Somerville, Massachusetts

“I have been a faithful client of Hill Research Consultants since 1994. The firm was the General Consultant to my successful campaign for the U.S. Senate in 1998. More recently, the firm assisted me in founding Chain Bridge Bank, N.A., headquartered in McLean, Virginia. David Hill and his team have always provided me with sound advice, meticulous research and outstanding service. It is with whole-hearted enthusiasm and confidence that I recommend Hill Research Consultants to business and political leaders alike.”

Peter G. Fitzgerald Former U.S. Senator (R-IL) and currently Chairman
Chain Bridge Bank, N.A.
McLean, Virginia

“I would like to think I am a somewhat unique client to David. I have worked with David in various political campaigns for well over a decade. During those years, I have found myself in campaigns that have already selected David as their pollster or, in other cases, I have been in a position to select the pollster … and David was my pick. In all cases, David consistently delivers a quality product that blends a passion for his client’s success with a dedication to objective analysis. David calls it as he sees them. I believe my uniqueness in my work history with David is that I was able to engage David for a marketing project at one of my private-sector clients, a Fortune 50 technology firm. David’s analysis was received enthusiastically by the marketing teams because he brought a fresh and new perspective to their customer segmentation studies. In short, David was a hit at the firm. I believe David’s political and private sector experience really sets him apart from other market research firms who concentrate on only one specialty or the other. David never stops learning, and his involvement across industries, so to speak, is representative of that behavior.”

Kevin Burnette
Gulf Direct, Inc.
Austin, Texas

“In conducting and interpreting a national survey for us, David and his team were professional, insightful, and willing to do even more than they promised. They listened to us to understand our needs, and in a short time they did enough research that they knew more about our issues than we did. Hill Research became real partners in achieving our goals.”

Rob Renfroe, President and Publisher
Good News

“Dr. David Hill has garnered a wealth of experience guiding many hard-fought ballot initiatives and referenda campaigns to victory. This insight enables him to design research programs that not only uncover the underlying issues and emotions that are driving public opinion, but also provides a clear path to winning. It’s that combination of painstaking research with laser-like strategic analysis that put Hill Research Consultants a cut above their competition.”

Glenn Totten, President
Totten Communications, Inc.
Alexandria, Virginia

“We have used Hill Research Consultants since 1997 to help understand the needs and views of the many faces of our community. Their historical perspective and expertise has been invaluable in building and keeping community support for our neighborhood schools. We look forward to continuing our very productive relationship with them for many more years to come.“

Tustin Amole, Director of Communications
Cherry Creek School District
Greenwood Village, Colorado

“Honestly, I was amazed at the insight Hill Research Consultants brought to our organization. We had hoped to gain a better understanding of our clientele but never imagined the depth of information the Hill team was able to glean from the data they collected in the interview and survey process. Count me as a ‘believer.’ I know personally the high quality market research this firm is able to provide.”

Ed Robb, Senior Pastor
The Woodlands United Methodist Church
The Woodlands, Texas

“Many pollsters are able to get the numbers right. What sets Hill Research apart is the strategic insight and advice that flows from the data and the focus groups. The strategic advice from David Hill and his team has helped our agency put together winning campaigns for commercial clients, political candidates and ballot measures for almost 20 years.”

Walt Klein, CEO
Walt Klein Advertising
Denver, Colorado

“You have always been there to give us a “wake-up call” when our thinking and planning has inadvertently pointed in the wrong direction. Thank you for your sober advice and unfailing insight.”

Tommy Townsend, CAE, Executive Director
Texas Trial Lawyers Association
Austin, Texas

“Hill Research Consultants provided excellent value to us both in crafting questions and in analyzing results on the occasions we have used their services. You definitely added to our process and it was a pleasure to work with you. We highly recommend you to others.”

Michael Sheedy, Associate Director for Health
Florida Catholic Conference
Tallahassee, Florida

“Hill Research conducted themselves professionally and efficiently, delivering data that provided a better understanding of how key constituents received our messages. Their perspective and experience helped us gain a new insight to our work. They delivered on their promises, met deadlines and offered important critiques on our project, resulting in a successful and informative outcome.”

Jared Saylor, Campaign Director
Washington, DC


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